125. Ocala Public Art, Transformer Mural and Fencing

125. Ocala Public Art, Transformer Mural and Fencing

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Artwork Details

Title: Transformer Mural and Fencing

Medium: Corten Steel, Acrylic

Dimensions of the Image: 60" x 72"

Year: 2017

Artist Carlynne Hershberger

Carlynne Hershberger is a Charter and Signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and is past president of the Florida chapter. Her artwork has won numerous awards and has been recognized at the CPSA Annual International Exhibition and the Cornell Museum exhibition Points of Color. Her work has been seen in The Artist's Magazine, Pastel Journal, American Artist Drawing, the North Light books Colored Pencil Explorations and Sketchbook Confidential 2. She is also co-author of Creative Colored Pencil Workshop.

Born in 1958 in Jersey City, New Jersey, Carlynne grew up with the influence of artistic family members. She especially recalls the smell of turpentine when visiting her great uncle. In 1972 her family moved to FL where she still lives. Although she no longer lived near her grandparents they still had a profound effect on her and her pursuit of an art career.

After more than 20 years of working exclusively with colored pencils, Carlynne was ready for a new challenge. She started by combining other media with colored pencil such as watercolor, gouache and ink. From there she began working with acrylic and oil on canvas and experimenting with mixed media.. Nature and its many shapes, textures and patterns continued to inform her work including the abstracts.

Whether the work is about painting nature, children or stories about adoption, Carlynne pours her heart and soul into whatever she's working on in that moment.

Sculptor Mike Zeak

Mike Zeak is a metal artist and fabricator who has honed his craft over the years while working with all forms of steel, stainless, weathering steel, aluminum, copper and brass. His passion has led to a career in fulfilling customer’s needs and desires. He has commissioned pieces in Michigan, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Locally he has “Childhood Memories” a kinetic sculpture, on permanent display at the Appleton Museum of Art. He is the owner of Zeak Technique, Inc., a custom metal fabrication business in Ocala, Florida.

Artist Statement

The City of Ocala recognized the need to meld form and necessary function with creative expression. An electrical transformer structure was needed to support growth, but the location in the downtown square, rich with history and mature trees, required an aesthetic approach. This transformer fencing is a collaboration with the City and an artist of another medium. The fencing is made from weathering steel, a group of steel alloys that form a stable rust-like patina after exposure to the elements. The palm fronds are mimicked in both artist’s works for a dynamic appearance and texture.