Ocala Black History Mural

Ocala Black History Mural

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Artwork Details

´╗┐Title: Ocala Black History Mural

Medium: Paint

Dimensions: 8.5' H x 280' W

Year: 2005

About the Mural

Originally created in 2005, the Ocala Black History Mural located on Silver Springs Blvd. (State Road 40) was initially inspired by a Summer Camp Program at the Hampton Campus of the Central Florida Community College and facilitated by the staff and artists of the Brick City Center for the arts. This program was aimed at community youth and used the inspiration of the art of Jacob Lawrence. The Mural was restored as part of the 2019 Levitt Amp Ocala Concert Series.

Video and Photos by Maven Photo and Film

Thank you to the Levitt Foundation for funding the Ocala Black History Mural Guide, a detailed guide to the rich, diverse history that often goes unknown or unrecognized. The printed guide has been distributed to all Marion County Public School Resource Centers to be incorporated into the curriculum. You may access this guide digitally with the link below.

Download Guide: https://www.ocalafl.org/home/showpublisheddocument?id=28227