157. Ocala Public Art, All Hands on Deck

157. Ocala Public Art, All Hands on Deck

Video and Photos by Maven Photo and Film

Link to video: https://vimeo.com/471545042

Artwork Details

´╗┐Title: All Hands on Deck

Medium: Paint

Dimensions: 3,000 sq ft

Year: 2020

Artist Bio:

Prior to earning his Bachelors' of Fine Arts from Florida State University, Cosby Hayes found his passion for art through graffiti. During his time at FSU, he studied the Old Masters, who became strong influences on his work and after moving to Miami in 2015, Cosby began receiving commissions for public works of art and never looked back. Hayes finds inspiration for his work in the social, economic, and political issues that shape our world. His work focuses on unity and the collective strength we have when we come together for a common cause, Solidarity. His work has taken him to Argentina for the Meeting of Styles as well as cities across the South-eastern United States where he has been commissioned by city governments, non-profits and businesses to bring color and energy to walls across his hometown. Cosby Hayes now lives in Tallahassee Florida, as a community organizer and activist he is constantly creating new works with his girlfriend and collaborator Sarah Painter.

Artist Statement:

The mural utilizes the full canvas and explores the relationship between the viewer and the subject matter. By painting the skateboard trucks much larger than life an interesting visual contrast is created. In addition the negative and positive space between the parts of the skateboard creates a visually unique composition and hopefully a captivating backdrop for skateboarders and photographers alike. The colors invoke a feeling of inclusiveness and the celebration of our differences as people, and how the things that make us different are also the things that make our communities more vibrant and interesting places to live and visit.