136. Ocala Public Art, The Great Race

136. Ocala Public Art, The Great Race

Artwork Details:

´╗┐Title: The Great Race

Medium: Paint

Dimensions: 200' W x 5'9" H

Year: 2021

Artist Statement:

The conceptfor the mural is built on the idea of the connectivity and use of OTrak through various forms of pedestrian transportation. The mural includes various pedestrians who utilize the OTrak and the nearby Ocala Skate Park such as cyclists, runners, walkers, skaters and rollerbladers.

Partially sponsored by Ocala Electric Utility, the mural was completed as the public art element for the 2021 Levitt AMP Ocala Music Series. Each year, the series includes a public art project to enhance creative placemaking in the community.

About the Artist:

´╗┐SKIP is an artist, musician and filmmaker. The Orlando-based postmodern satirist and multi-disciplined artist and creator uses his unique balance of nihilism and optimism to present his artistic ideas through various creative skill sets including, but not limited to, hand-cut stencils, giant interactive art installations, wall murals, carpentry, photography, costuming, illustration and graphic design.

SKIP is known especially for his level of comfort and control in using spray paint, and his ability to manipulate the medium to more closely resemble the smooth finish and clean lines more commonly associated with screen-printing.

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