Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame

About The “Walk of Fame”:

In 2017, the Ocala Film Foundation had a shared vision with retired City Manager, John Zobler of a Walk of Fame in front of the Historic Marion Theater. Ocala/Marion county has a rich history of film, photography and music. Their goal with the Walk of Fame is to tell the stories of those who live, work and have achieved monumental success right here in our community.

Currently, there are four bronze honoree plaques in front of the Historic Marion Theatre, celebrating our local legends:

  • <p><a href="https://dos.myflorida.com/library-archives/about-us/about-the-state-archives-of-florida">Bruce Mozert</a>, Awardee of 2018</p>
  • <p><a href="https://jordy.com/about">Jordan Klein</a>, Senior, Awardee of 2019</p>
  • <p><a href="https://inthestudiowithbruceswedien.com/bruce-swedien-bio.html">Bruce Swedien</a>, Awardee of 2020</p>
  • <p><a href="https://markemeryfilms.com/resume/">Mark Emery</a>, Awardee of 2021</p>

City of Ocala Cultural Arts Office