112. Ocala Public Art, Crest of the Wave

112. Ocala Public Art, Crest of the Wave

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Artwork Details

´╗┐Title: Crest of the Wave

Medium: Forged steel, fabricated steel and recycled Steel

Dimensions: 9' H x 8' W x 6' D

Year: 2015

About the Artist

In 1996, Corrina Sephora established her own studio in Atlanta, GA, specializing in sculpture, furniture and architectural works. In 2005, she received her MFA in Sculpture from Georgia State University. She has taught on the college level, and presented at both national and international blacksmithing workshops and conferences.

Corrina is proud to represent the minority of female sculptors and metalworkers in the United States. In an effort to enhance the scope of visual art in her community, she has spearheaded numerous programs, events, and educational programs that engage a broad community, and encourages opportunities for artist collaboration-- particularly among young, emerging female artists. Recycled and local materials are incorporated into these community projects and opportunities as much as possible.

"Crest of the Wave" is a gift to the City of Ocala by The Midgett Foundation.