209. Tuscawilla Park - Crapemyrtle

209. Tuscawilla Park - Crapemyrtle

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You’ve probably already noticed the wonderful shade as you walk the sidewalk on the east side of Watula Avenue. Crapemyrtles contribute greatly to that shade- but that’s not all they give Tuscawilla Park!

Originally from Asia, their popularity in the southern USA is ever-growing.

And it’s no wonder... A crapemyrtle is a plant that keeps giving throughout every season.

In the spring, the shiny crisp leaves emerge with the onset of warm weather.

But the real show starts as early as May- when the flowering begins. And in some varieties these heat- loving , sun- loving, drought-tolerant beauties will continue blooming until fall. Pick your color! Various shades of red, lavender, white and pink to name a few and some are even bi-color.

As November approaches and the days get shorter, many new Crapemyrtles exhibit vibrant yellow, orange, and red fall color.

But wait..it’s not over yet! As the bark peels away from the mature limbs and trunk, a beautiful smooth bark is revealed. Go ahead and touch it! And enjoy the rest of your walk through Tuscawilla Park.